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Nearby activities

At The Coulter, we cater to a wide range of guests and their activities. 


Astronomers and astrophotographers will marvel at the truly dark skies of Pritchett and the surrounding area.  Light pollution maps indicate Bortle Class 1 skies for at least 50 miles to the north, west and south.  Easterly skies, with very minimal light pollution from Springfield, are rated as Bortle Class 2 skies.  Our dark skies are the easternmost in the United States and are within half to one day drives from most locations west of the Mississippi River.

Outdoor folks will enjoy hiking and exploring Carrizo and Picture Canyons, both are 30-45 minute drives to the south.  Two Buttes is about 45 minutes northeast.  Comanche National Grasslands surround Pritchett to the south.

Wildlife enthusiasts and photographers have plenty of options as well.  Baca County is on the Colorado Birding Trail and as many as 400 types of birds are in the area.  Many large raptors call Baca home.  Photographers may also be interested in Old West lifestyles, farming/ranching landscapes and historical markers.

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